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Before contacting support for help, please look through our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?  We are here to help.  Please check out our most frequently asked questions and if you still have a question feel free to contact us for help.  Thanks you and have a great day!

Can I share my Bundle with my friends?

Did you know that it is actually illegal to share digital files with friends? All of the items in the Build Your Bundle are copyrighted by each of their respective publishers/authors and may not be shared or redistributed in any manner. Your purchase includes a “family license” and you can use the product(s) you purchased with anyone in your immediate household only. Feel free to get your friends in on this amazing deal so that everyone can benefit!
If I know that I will never use a file in my bundle can I give it to a friend if I delete it from my computer?
Should you decide to not use your file and give it to someone, we ask that you delete it from your computer. Under no circumstances and in no format, can you copy or duplicate the files if you give it to someone. Thank you for upholding our standards of integrity and for assuring the hard work of our contributors are appreciated.
The downloads are taking FOREVER! What can I do?
Some of the files are super large. We recommend downloading the smaller files first. Please keep in mind that we are experiencing very heavy volume of downloads, so please be patient. You have lifetime access to your files.However, you can open a support ticket if your problem persists.
What do I do if I have not received my products?
We send all download links to your INBOX after your purchase has been completed. You have 180 days to download your files. If you are having trouble accessing or downloading your files, you can open a support ticket. Please note that we have allotted a grace period of 180 days, in order to allow for adequate time for our valued customers to retrieve their files.
Where do I find the products that I have purchased?
You should have received an email from us with all of your download links. You can also login to your account here. Then click “View Orders” to access your download links.
How do I access a Course that I purchased?
If you purchased a course or membership you should find a download with access instructions regarding account set-up. If you need support there is an email for you to contact at the bottom of the course pdf. You have 180 days to access all courses/memberships purchased.
How long do I have to download the files and how many times can I download them?
You have lifetime access to your files.  You may download your files to multiple devices for personal family use only. Please make sure you disable your pop-up blocker. There is a limit of 3 downloads per item.
What if I could not download my files and now they are not available?
How do I download my digital products to my computer?
After you have completed your purchase, you will have immediate access to download your files in your account under “View Orders” or by accessing them in the confirmation email that you received. Click the file link to download the file. Please take note of the data location/directory/path in which you downloaded the file in your computer. In some browsers, you can right click the download button and select “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” and select the location in which to save your file. If you do not make a selection, a saved file usually goes to your general “Downloads” directory on your hard drive. We strongly recommend that you back up all your files to protect your BYB investment.
I downloaded a PDF file and it automatically opened. Did it get saved?
Most of the time, in this case, the file will get saved to your Temporary Internet files or possibly your general “Downloads” directory. However, be sure to save the file after it is opened. You can usually click File > Save a Copy to save it to the directory of your choosing. You can also roll over the right corner in some browsers and click the disc image to save it to your computer.
I know I downloaded my files, but I cannot find them. Please help!
Often times files are saved in the “Downloads” directory if you do not specify a location for them to be saved to. If you cannot find your files you can attempt to download and save them again by logging into your account and clicking “Downloads.” If your downloads have expired, please submit a support ticket for assistance.
How do I download my digital products to my tablet or mobile devices?
If your files reside on your PC or Mac computer, then the easiest way to transfer your files from your computer to your tablet or mobile device would be one of two ways.
Via Email: You can email the files to yourself, and download them on the device of your choice if your device has enough storage space to contain the file.

UPLOAD TO A FREE STORAGE OPTION: The preferred method, because it will both back up your files and transmit them wherever you need them, would be to upload them to an online file storage cloud or other online file syncing/ sharing program. Dropbox, Box, Amazon, and Apple’s iCloud all have free storage options. Mobile syncing apps are available for each of these as well.
How do I make my file usable for Kindle or Nook formats?
Did you know that you can read a .PDF file on your Kindle or Nook tablets and mobile apps? You can often do this with ease and there is no need to convert the file. Anyone can do it, let me show you how.

FOR KINDLE USERS:If you have a Kindle you may do one of two things to transfer your files to your eReader.
1. VIA USB: Connect your Kindle to your computer via the standard USB cord included with your Kindle purchase. You may then transfer the files straight from where the file resides on your computer to your Kindle device by choosing the Kindle device file on your computer. Click on “Kindle Documents” folder (this is where all your Kindle reading material is stored and you may drag your PDF to that folder and drop it. It will then automatically sync with your Kindle device. For a full picture tutorial CLICK HERE.
2. WIRELESS TRANSFER (This will work for Kindle App Users as well!): In your personal Amazon’s Page Settings area locate your Send-to-Kindle email address or create one if you have not already done so. You are now going to send the file from your personal email address to your Send-to-Kindle email address. Type the word “convert” in the subject line and attach your file to the email. Nothing else is needed, just hit “Send”. You must be connected to Wi-Fi for wireless transfer. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, the file should show up nicely in your Kindle library. For a full picture tutorial CLICK HERE.

FOR NOOK USERS:CLICK HERE for a simple and straight forward guide on how to upload PDF’s to your Nook’s Library.1.
Can anything be done if I lose my files later on?
You have full access to the files within your account. However, we strongly recommend that you back up all your files to protect your DST investment!
I do not like something I purchased. Can I get a refund?
We truly believe that the bundle is worth every penny (and then some), and we think you’ll agree. However, due to the downloadable digital nature of the products included in the bundle, we’re unfortunately unable to issue refunds for non-technical reasons. We believe that doing so would be unfair to our contributors who have worked very hard to create value-packed products and would also reduce the amount we’re able to donate to our charity partners.

If you do have a technical issue with any of the products, we’ll be happy to work with you to resolve the issue. In the rare case that no solution can be found, we’ll issue a partial refund. Because some of our products may be issued through 100%-off discount codes on our contributors’ websites, we must consider those codes used, and cannot include them in the refund. These products will be deducted from the refund amount as a percentage of their value within the total value of the bundle.

Submit a refund request by opening a support ticket.

Refunds may only be issued within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days, no refunds can be processed.

‍If you somehow purchased twice by accident, or you bought a gift bundle for someone who already purchased or some other circumstance, we are happy to help you. Please submit a support ticket so that we can assist you. We are glad to help.
How do I open a .zip file?
A .zip file is a type of file that compresses its contents for easier storage and transmission. Once downloaded, depending on your computer program there are different methods of opening a .zip file. If you do not know how to open a .zip file on your computer check out this WikiHow.com tutorial, How to Open a .Zip File without WinZip. If after viewing the tutorial you find yourself in need of WinZip to open your files you can download a free trial version HERE.
How do I backup my digital files?
Backing up all important files on your computer is a good practice in general. There are many free and easy options available to back up your digital files online. Here are just a few:
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